How to Breed the Aquamarine Dragon in DragonVale

How to Breed the Aquamarine Dragon in DragonVale


The aquatic Aquamarine dragon is one of the most beloved dragons in DragonVale. Its shining scales resemble glistening seawater, captivating players with its oceanic beauty. But breeding this epic dragon is no easy task, requiring specific dragon combinations and sometimes multiple attempts. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully breed your own Aquamarine dragon.

Getting Started with DragonVale Breeding

Before diving into Aquamarine dragon breeding specifics, it’s important to understand some key breeding basics in DragonVale. This foundation will set you up for success as you strive for this dazzling dragon.

Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island

Dragon breeding takes place in designated breeding spaces – specifically, the Breeding Cave available early on or the Epic Breeding Island unlocked at level 13. Both work equally well for breeding attempts. The exceptions are limited dragons only breedable in certain spots during specific events.

Elements and Hybrids

Dragons in DragonVale possess one or more elemental types. These include Plant, Cold, Earth, Lightning, Metal, Water, Fire, and Air. Through strategic breeding combinations, you can produce hybrid dragons boasting multiple elements. The Aquamarine dragon is one such hybrid, blending Water, Cold, and Air elements.

Parent Dragons

To have a chance at a specific dragon offspring, you must carefully select parent dragons from compatible elements. For the Aquamarine dragon, you would need at least one dragon with the Water element present. Pay close attention to possible outcomes when choosing parent pairs to control results.

Breeding Times

Each dragon species has its own breeding time. More common dragons usually take less time to hatch than rarer, more complex hybrids. The breeding time also depends on whether the breeding is successful on the first try or takes multiple attempts. Expect longer times overall for rare dragons like the Aquamarine.

Dragon Levels

Something that sets the Aquamarine dragon apart is that its breeding chances increase when parent dragons are at higher levels. Leveling up dragons strengthens their breeding potency, so use high-level parents whenever possible.

Genes and Traits

Genes and traits pass from parent dragons to influence breeding success rates and offspring traits. Matching certain traits or elements can help in some cases. For our Aquamarine dragon, matching the Water element gene will raise its chance of resulting from a breed.

Now that you understand these core breeding dynamics, let’s look at exactly how to approach breeding the glorious Aquamarine dragon.

How to Breed the Aquamarine Dragon

How to Breed the Aquamarine Dragon in DragonVale

Breeding Combinations

Because the Aquamarine dragon is a 3-element hybrid, you need to use dragons that collectively cover those types – Water, Cold, and Air. Some recommended pairings include:

  • Water + Cold
  • Water + Air
  • Cold + Air/Water
  • Cold + Water/Air
  • Water + Cold/Water
  • Water + Cold/Air

A few examples of compatible dragons to use include:

  • Sandstorm + Blizzard
  • Sandstorm + Cold
  • Sandstorm + Rain
  • Rain + Blizzard
  • Rain + Cold
  • Rain + Snow

As shown, single-element Water dragons pair well with Cold dragons. The Sandstorm dragon covers both Air and Cold elements, while Rain brings the needed Water factor. Feel free to mix and match!

Breeding Times

The Aquamarine dragon has one of the longer breeding times, which can be discouraging. But don’t despair! With the right strategy, you’ll make progress.

Here are the possible breeding times according to rarity level:

Epic Breeding Cave/Island:

  • Possible – 20 hours
  • Average – 30 hours
  • Guaranteed – 48 hours

Regular Breeding Cave:

  • Possible – 24 hours
  • Average – 36 hours
  • Guaranteed – 60 hours

So if going the Epic Breeding Cave/Island route, be prepared for breeding times ranging from 20-48 hours. Using the regular Breeding Cave lengthens times up to 1-3 days.

As you can see, a shorter “possible” breeding time exists, but is harder to obtain. There’s no guarantee which time frame each attempt will follow. With patience and diligence, however, your odds improve with each try!

Tips and Tricks

Apply these strategic tips to boost your Aquamarine dragon breeding success:

🔹 Use high-level parent dragons (16+ recommended)

🔹 Prioritize dragons with the Water element/trait

🔹 Have all relevant islands and habitats to house dragons

🔹 Upgrade breeding spaces for faster breeding speed

🔹 Use special buildings like the Epic Breeding Island

🔹 Try during Bring Em’ Back dragon events featuring the Aquamarine

🔹 Retire dragons with unwanted traits from the breeding pool

With the right dragon team, facilities, and techniques, your Aquamarine dragon quest gains serious momentum. Never surrender!

Common Breeding FAQs

Many questions arise for DragonVale players amidst challenging breeds like that of the Aquamarine dragon. Here are helpful answers to some frequent questions:

What are my chances of breeding an Aquamarine dragon?

As an epic hybrid, the Aquamarine has lower odds, but using high-level parent dragons can increase success rates. Expected odds range from 0.5%-2%. Enhancing your breeding set-up improves the probability over time.

How many tries does it take on average?

It often takes significant tries – around 30 in many cases. However, you could get lucky with fewer attempts or, in rare cases, on the first try! Persist through multiple attempts while incorporating dragon leveling/boosts.

Should I use a regular or epic breeding cave/island?

All breeding spaces work, but the Epic Breeding Island yields faster average breeding times. So using that special space when possible saves some frustration. Upgrade any breeding space fully too.

If I breed two Aquamarine dragons together, what happens?

Interestingly, two Aquamarine dragons have a small chance of breeding a third-generation Rainbow dragon! Otherwise, breeding two often results in another Aquamarine dragon offspring.

Why isn’t my Aquamarine breeding working?

If you’ve made dozens of unsuccessful tries, switch up your primary parent dragons or incorporate new ones with relevant traits. Also, check their levels, ensure compatible pairings, and utilize tip tricks. Retiring older dragons may help too.

Follow these tips, frequently asked questions, and combinations to achieve Aquamarine dragon breeding greatness in DragonVale!


The radiant Aquamarine dragon ranks among the most prized dragons in DragonVale, but claiming one requires devotion through an intricate breeding process. By harnessing essential breeding elements like parent dragon selections and traits, prioritizing the Water gene, leveling up top contenders, and employing special breeding habitats, you dramatically increase hatching odds for this legendary dragon. Arm yourself with the wisdom and strategies outlined here, push through multiple efforts, and with a little luck, you’ll soon gaze upon your very own Aquamarine dragon grazing your magical islands. Keep striving, and happy breeding!

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