In-Game Lantern Dragon Images

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Lantern Dragon Description

Visitors to the eastern regions of the Zephyrlands will encounter a marvelous sight: nestled between craggy outposts is a wide basin of dry desert, home to the fiercest winds of the Surface; there, hundreds of Lantern Dragons flock to play in the air currents! Ancient Surfacefolk thought this colorful gathering to be a sign of good luck, and so it became tradition to visit these dragons once per year. Scrolls tell of witches and wizards who would trek for months - no magical travel cheats allowed - to behold the delightful dancing dragons. According to the tale, these travelers believed the journey to represent leaving one's troubles and worries behind so as to take cue from the Lantern Dragon and soar toward the new year unburdened. - in game description

How to Breed the Lantern Dragon

Sorry, but Lantern is not currently breedable. Check out our Breeding Calculator to find the best combinations to use to get breedable dragons!