In-Game Festive Dragon Images

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Festive Dragon Description

Lillian can't quite wrap her head around the Festive Dragon. "How does its tail work?!" she exclaimed when Gwyddion revealed the bouncy, bell-tailed baby. "Magic," her replied with a wink, despite Lillian's insistence that such an answer is no answer at all. Sure, he's right, but what KIND of magic? And how does that magic work? Seems like Lillian is the only one concerned; the rest of the Surfacefolk are completely delighted by this aptly named dragon. Ribboned and baubled and bearded, to boot - it doesn't get much more festive than that! ... or does it? Just wait until you see this dragon's happy dance! - in game description

How to Breed the Festive Dragon

Sorry, but Festive is not currently breedable. Check out our Breeding Calculator to find the best combinations to use to get breedable dragons!