In-Game Enchanted Grain Dragon Images

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Enchanted Grain Dragon Description

The delicate plumage of the Grain Dragon evokes the grassy plains of Briar Flats - and blends right in, to boot. Gwyddion discovered this dragon quite by accident while out for a stroll one morning. Deep in contemplations about whether the dragon or egg came first, he failed to notice the Grain Dragon sitting stoically in the field before him. It wasn't until Gwyddion came eye to eye with what he thought was a stalk of grain did he notice that this particular stalk of grain - well, had eyes, for one. Sometimes, dragon discovery can be quite literal! - in game description

How to Breed the Enchanted Grain Dragon

Sorry, but Enchanted Grain is not currently breedable. Check out our Breeding Calculator to find the best combinations to use to get breedable dragons!