Update 1.9 Features!

New update coming soon! Announcement from BFS: What’s Coming in Update 1.9 – Upgrades to Enchanted Breeding Odds, New Zen Trait and More! DRAGONVALE WORLD·THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 2017 NOTE: To experience these awesome additions you MUST be updated to the most recent version of DragonVale World. Update 1.9 is coming soon, so keep an eye […]

Zodia Habitat Costs

The Zodia Habitat is quite different than most habitats in that each platform has to be repaired before it can be used. There are 12 different platforms which can hold up to 2 dragons each. The first platform is free to repair, each one after that is 150 Gems. To store the second dragon in […]

Pisceia Available!

The Pisceia dragon is now available for breeding/purchase in the game! Zodiac dragons have a specific combo … Pisceia’s is Newt + Mistral!

Version 1.8.0

This habitat houses the strange and wonderful Zodia dragons. So tells legend, from the Scrolls of the Zodia Rift: When upon the stars mankind did gaze, in likeness did the dragons blaze. One like a ram, one like a bull, and onward ’til the circle, full, did tell the fortunes of the ages, these cosmic […]

Upcoming Dragon: Lantern Festival?

Another new dragon is coming soon. Be sure to check back here for all the details as they become available. For now … looks like it may be carrying lanterns, which would make sense for the Lantern Festival that signifies the end of Chinese New Year. If so, the Lantern Festival this year is February […]

Tusk Dragon This Weekend!

The Tusk dragon and it’s Enchanted Tusk counterpart are slated to be activated in the game this on Jan 20th. Be sure to check the Breeding Calculator for breeding time to look for and the best combinations to use to breed them! Note: You must update your game client to 1.7.1 before Tusk will be […]

Final Double Essence Weekend

Exploration Extravaganza event is coming to a close, but for one last hurrah we have a Double Magic Essence Weekend! The Cap has been raised to 4000 per day, and using the Airship or the 3rd Adventure at 3998 can get you up to 4498 per day!

Dmu Breeding Calculator!

Click to use the 1st Breeding Calculator ever created for the new Dragonvale World game by the best group: Dragons’ Masters United!!

How Valuable Are You?

As of v1.8.0 it appears that Player Tiers have had their impact on the game greatly reduced, and perhaps removed altogether. The “Player Tier” portion of the debug menu has been removed, and with the Airship now giving Food instead of Gems there is little importance to Player Tiers even if they still are in […]

DragonVale World Breeding

Dragonvale World has a relatively simple breeding system, but much of that system is not well understood yet. This has lead to a lot of confusion about what is going on under the hood, as well as what combos are best to use to breed a given dragon. This guide is to help clarify what […]

New Years Eve Dragon Preview

A new dragon has been spotted in the “About” section in the Settings menu. Given the timing and colors, this probably is the Eve dragon. Notice the colors of the wings and how it corresponds to the Eve dragon description. Given the name, New Year’s Eve is a likely bet as to when this dragon […]

Double Magic Essence Weekend

This weekend you can collect double the Magic Essences, and the cap has been raised to 4000 per day! You can still use overflow to get up to 4498 per day if you’re careful. Just use the 3rd Exploration or send the Airship for the 250 (x2) once you get to 3998!