In-Game Yellow Enchanted Rainbow Dragon Images

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Yellow Enchanted Rainbow Dragon Description

Is the Rainbow Dragon a bearer of good luck? If you follow a Rainbow Dragon, will it lead you to a pot of gold? How many colors are truly part of its scale spectrum? These questions and many others have plagued wizards and witches since the first Rainbow Dragon was spotted darting out of the clouds after a particularly nasty rainstorm. Lillian is conducting a study, so be sure to let her know if you spot your Rainbow Dragon doing anything... unusual. - in game description

How to Breed the Yellow Enchanted Rainbow Dragon

Here are 10 of the best combos to breed the Yellow Enchanted Rainbow dragon with. You are looking for a breed that takes 56h 30m to finish. Click the heart to check any of these combos out in the Breeding Calculator, and let us know which combos worked for you in the comments below!