In-Game Sumi Dragon Images

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Sumi Dragon Description

The great witch Tani Terasu is a master of wand wash painting. Her artistic technique, coined sumi-e, involves a specialized combination of rainbow and water magic, allowing her to create the most beautiful brush strokes with a mere flick of her wand. One day, while painting atop a mountain, she created a work of art so large and lovely, Surfacefolk could see it from the furthest corners of the land. But they weren't the only eyes watching ... as if summoned by TaniĆ¢'s magnificent work, a dazzling dragon flew to the mountain, leaving trails of magic in its wake like brush strokes in the sky. Thus was the discovery of the Sumi Dragon! - in game description

How to Breed the Sumi Dragon

Sorry, but Sumi is not currently breedable. Check out our Breeding Calculator to find the best combinations to use to get breedable dragons!