In-Game Grotto Dragon Images

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Grotto Dragon Description

A powerful swimmer, the Grotto Dragon is especially adept at diving below the surface of a body of water to uncover all manner of objects lurking at the bottom. Cloaks, robes, hats, wands - we're not quite sure what's going on, but reigning theories think some sort of skinny-dipping spell is on the loose. Regardless of the cause, if you "lose" a belonging underwater, the Grotto Dragon is your best bet for finding it again. - in game description

How to Breed the Grotto Dragon

Here are 10 of the best combos to breed the Grotto dragon with. You are looking for a breed that takes 5h 20m to finish. Click the heart to check any of these combos out in the Breeding Calculator, and let us know which combos worked for you in the comments below!