In-Game Gongji Dragon Images

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Gongji Dragon Description

Surface explorers discovered the Epic Gongji Dragon ... well, actually, it was the dragon who discovered Surface explorers! An intrepid band of explorers wandering Briar Flats decided to camp overnight at the base of an ancient volcano. In the morning, a Gongji Dragon roosting atop the peak made itself known with a resounding roar and brilliant breath blast! The Surfacefolk were so startled, they nearly ran for it - until they caught sight of the dragon displaying its marvelous colors and fiercely fashionable faux hawk in the glow of the morning sun. This proudly preening dragon is not one to hide in the shadows, that's for sure! - in game description

How to Breed the Gongji Dragon

Sorry, but Gongji is not currently breedable. Check out our Breeding Calculator to find the best combinations to use to get breedable dragons!