In-Game Fir Dragon Images

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Fir Dragon Description

Silverfalls Gorge owes most of its plantlife to the tireless efforts of the Fir Dragon. Like the ancient wizard Doni Zazzleseed, who spread Zazzberries all over the land, the Fir Dragon collects and distributes pinecones all over Silverfalls Gorge. "But it doesn't have arms!" the astute among you cry. That's right - it doesn't - but those chubby cheeks are just the right size for transporting pinecones! - in game description

How to Breed the Fir Dragon

Here are 10 of the best combos to breed the Fir dragon with. You are looking for a breed that takes 3h 45m to finish. Click the heart to check any of these combos out in the Breeding Calculator, and let us know which combos worked for you in the comments below!