In-Game Enchanted Petroglyph Dragon Images

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Enchanted Petroglyph Dragon Description

Deep in the hear of the Zephyrlands lies an ancient desert palace, all but rendered featureless from millenia of ravagin winds and sandstorms. The Stone Temple, as it's known, became shelter for the Ancient Dragons – the Petroglyph among them – seeking respite from the Zephyrlands' fierce storms. Pre-Cataclysm Surfacefolk once believed the Ancient Dragons to be guardians of all magical knowledge. It was said that learning the language of the Ancient Dragons would reveal the meaning of magic. So far as Surface scholars have thus far deduced, that answer is 42. - in game description

How to Breed the Enchanted Petroglyph Dragon

Here are 10 of the best combos to breed the Enchanted Petroglyph dragon with. You are looking for a breed that takes 28h to finish. Click the heart to check any of these combos out in the Breeding Calculator, and let us know which combos worked for you in the comments below!