In-Game Enchanted Labyrinth Dragon Images

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Enchanted Labyrinth Dragon Description

Poor Labyrinth Dragons - they have the worst sense of direction. These adorably confused creatures end up meandering through the deep, twisting caves of The Glimmerverse for days on end before finding their way to or from a destination. More than one wandering witch or wizard has thought they were being chased by the Labyrinth Dragon, and ran away in fear before realizing the directionless dragon was just as lost! - in game description

How to Breed the Enchanted Labyrinth Dragon

Here are 10 of the best combos to breed the Enchanted Labyrinth dragon with. You are looking for a breed that takes 5h 55m to finish. Click the heart to check any of these combos out in the Breeding Calculator, and let us know which combos worked for you in the comments below!