In-Game Deadwood Dragon Images

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Deadwood Dragon Description

Like all Dragonsai Dragons, the Deadwood Dragon sports a glimmering gemstone on its hide as a mark of its unique power to attract Gems. Collecting this dragon will allow you to obtain Gems from its habitat!

"Discovering the Deadwood," from the Lost Scrolls of Astromancer Valelilio:

"Upon a walk one starry night,
the land lit by the full moon's light,
something caught my sight-
a twinkle, so shiny and bright!

I walked toward the glow,
what I'd find, I could not know.
My search lead to the waterfall's flow;
the twinkling came from below!

I stooped to look upon the blaze,
and saw something obscured by a haze,
but before I could reach toward the rays,
a sudden sound broke my gaze.

I looked left and right; I looked straight behind,
wondering what sort of thing I would find.
What I saw was a shock my mind:
before me stood a new dragon of some kind!

'Hello, little friend!' I said to the critter.
It blinked, it sniffed, it gave a small twitter.
It shifted its feet, a'patter a'patter,
and from its chest came a ruby glitter.

It's hide was like trees,
branched with green leaves,
and as if tossed in the seas,
beachen and bleached.

'What sort of dragon are you?'
From my reach it withdrew,
and I thought to pursue,
but too quickly away it few.

'Deadwood,' I said to the sky,
watching the little pal fly.
The name came from my mind's eye,
though I couldn't tell you why.

Would I see a Deadwood again?
What a delightful friend!
I hope from the sky it descends.
I'll remember its Gem 'til my days end." - in game description

How to Breed the Deadwood Dragon

Sorry, but Deadwood is not currently breedable. Check out our Breeding Calculator to find the best combinations to use to get breedable dragons!